Trading Strategies Plus

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Trading Strategies and Indicators Plus.

Includes Ken's trading strategy.

Tools of the Trade

Some traders wrongly treats or thinks Trading strategy is a trading plan. Trading strategy is one part of the trading plan. It's true, Trading strategy is one of the  important part of a Trading plan but it's not the Trading plan itself. It's part of it.

Trading strategies and indicators is a software application that is designed to hold trading strategies and indicators.

Most valuable aspects of this application is that inclusion of Ken's trading strategy.

Yes, it includes Ken's trading strategy named DSDPAL (Direction, Supply and Demand plus Price action and Levels)

Collect and store trading strategies in one place.

No doubt you have come across many trading strategies as you look around in search of profitable trading strategy. They are all scattered around on forums, web pages, books and so on.

Some of them may be promising. You marked some for checking out but something come up and task delayed. Where was that strategy. You thought you bookmarked the page but you cannot locate.

You looked at some strategy and did some testing sometime ago... Took some notes... Decided to come back to it to do further testing and developing... But you cannot locate your notes...


Now you can collect and save all trading strategies you want to using AG Trading Strategies and Indicators Plus software application. It's a custom designed application for keeping trading strategies and indicators.

There are free version of this application on this site. However, this version of the Trading Strategies and Indicators Plus" has many more features compare to free version.


Here are some screen captures from AG Trading Strategies and Indicators Plus software application:


Application has 3 sections. Trading strategies, Indicators plus simple Tasks and Notes. Listing of strategies and and indicators are displayed in two separate tables. Table at the top display selected ones and table at the bottom displays all.

Trading strategies, Indicators plus offers password protection feature for it's users basic privacy and data protection.


Some sample indicators included for you to carry on collecting indicators of your choice. Hopefully most usefull ones.


Simple tasks and Notes section.

We do not offer demo version of Trading strategies, Indicators plus at present.


Windows 7 or higher
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Windows-compatible pointing device (e.g., a mouse)·True Color or HiColor display adapter and monitor (recommended)
Minimum screen resolution of 1440×900 in 16-bit colour
45 MB hard drive space for program files




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William A. Foster



1  Why do you want be a Trader?
2  Can you commit enough time?
3  Do you have financial means?
4  Are you a fighter or quitter?
5  Do you have a sound trading plan?
6  Did you test your trading plan?
7  What is risk management?
8  Can you handle the stress?