ken-tutorials-fullLearning to trade profitably

Now days, I'm doing swing and longer term trading most of the time. I don't have to sit in front of my monitors to watch for trading opportunities all day along.

I have some free time to utilize on teaching profitable trading to other struggling traders, in private one to one basis.

You will get my full attention. It's interactive and live. We will go through various trading charts to learn chart reading correctly. Training made via Skype. I will try to teach you profitable trading in a way I think appropriate for you within booked hours.

If you have shortcomings on basic foundations to build your trading skills on, I will direct you to appropriate resources, rather than wasting your time by teaching the basics during the training sessions. You can learn them yourself free in your own time.

Focus will be on more of practice rather than talking about theoretical aspects of trading. We'll start with your trading plan. You'll need to have a short and simple trading plan that suits your circumstances / personality. I'll guide you and you'll do it in your own time but together we'll fine tune it.


Do not expect to gain all trading skills within couple of hours. Proper learning will take much longer than 2 hours, especially if you are initial steps of trading or exposed yourself to harmful trading noise and got polluted with useless knowledge. Purifying will take additional time.

If you are beginner, we'd recommend you to start with AceGazette membership before booking 1 to 1 training sessions. There are wealth of information about trading where you can build basic foundations of your trading.

With all 1 to 1 training bookings you get 1 hour free. In free session, I will try to asses your trading skills in order to identify what you need to learn. For instance, if you booked 4 hours session, your total training time will be 5 hours. You'd only be paying for 4 hours.

Quantity discounts are available. Longer time you book, bigger the discount you get.


Please email to:


For payment details. Please include your trading background, your Skype ID, days of the week and times best suits you in your email. Use "Ken Training" on the subject line of your email.



Book in advance

My time is limited. I can only take on few traders to train at a time.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment.



Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

William A. Foster



1  Why do you want be a Trader?
2  Can you commit enough time?
3  Do you have financial means?
4  Are you a fighter or quitter?
5  Do you have a sound trading plan?
6  Did you test your trading plan?
7  What is risk management?
8  Can you handle the stress?